What we do?
African Cats

For many years, Predator Conservation president, Dr. Arturo Caso, has done studies in Tanzania, Africa, mostly with leopard (Panthera pardus) and lion (Panthera leo).  Dr. Caso is a member of the world recognized IUCN Cat Specialist Group and was the very first wildlife researcher to set a GPS collar on a wild leopard.  Recently, Dr. Caso has done population studies in three Tanzanian game reserves using remote-sensing cameras and call-in stations, on both species of the big African cats.

The objective of PREDATOR CONSERVATION AC is to evaluate if the African carnivore wild populations are increasing, decreasing or are stable, and to measure which anthropogenic and/or natural factors are affecting such populations. To reach this objective, we have used scientific methodologies such as radio-telemetry (GPS & VHF) and remote-sensing cameras.


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